Uri Fridman. Iā€™m a security professional with two decades of experience. I specialize in Red Teaming, digital warfare and offensive security operations.


Founder and main writer of the Red Teams Blog

Founder of the Advanced Capabilities Group

Both strive to bring awareness about the adversarial mindset, and how it can help holistically to make organizations, and individuals, more resilient.


I have worked extensively with Fortune 500 companies, identifying, developing, and testing security processes that reduce organizational risk.

During my career, I have been responsible for researching, and penetrating some of the most secure organizations in the world.


Prior to becoming a Red Teamer, I served in the Israeli military.

During that time, I learned not only physical security, and the observation skills needed by the unit, but also to understand and think like the enemy.


Small Teams development and training

Plans and Policies requirements and setup

I work with organizations to help create and train their own offensive (red) and defensive (blue) teams, as well as help develop and write their plans and policies.